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Hello, my name is Mia. Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of having my own pool. When I finally purchased a home with some land, I immediately started planning out the size and location of my pool. I wanted to create an outdoor oasis for my family to enjoy together. As my swimming pool plans grew far out of proportion, I elected to hire a pool contractor to bring them back to reality. I want to use this site to talk about the process of creating my swimming pool and others like it. I invite you to visit often.

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Closing Your Pool For The Season? Steps To Get The Job Done

The end of the summer season has arrived, as much as you didn't want it to come. Swimming when the air has turned a little brisk doesn't sound too appealing though, so closing the pool is for the best. Closing your pool helps prevent damage to your pool liner, hoses, and your filter/pump assemblies. It can also prevent damage to the rails around your pool. If it's time to close your pool and you aren't sure how to get the job done, read on for steps to get the job done.

Vacuum Your Pool

You will want to vacuum your pool before you close your pool. If you close your pool dirty, when you open it up next spring, it will be even dirtier and could possibly stain the liner as well. Before you do anything, you should vacuum the pool. Vacuum as you normally would do, although if it is very dirty, you can vacuum it to waste to get rid of all of the dirty water.

Cover The Skimmer And Return Openings

You can either drain the water level in your pool so that it's below the skimmer and return openings, or you can leave your water in your pool and use a cover over these openings. The covers are put in place to prevent water from escaping from your pool. Either way, draining water or using the covers is fine to do. Be sure you are using covers that are the right size for your pool to ensure water doesn't trickle out of your pool throughout the winter season.

Remove Hoses, Pump, And Filter Assemblies

Remove the hoses attached to the skimmer and return, as well as the hoses on the filter and pump. Remove all of these hoses and drain the water from the hoses. Also, remove the water from the pump and the filter. The sand in the filter should also be removed. Both the filter and pump, as well as the hoses, should be put away for the winter. Leaving them outside throughout winter could cause damage to these parts.

Cover The Pool

You'll need a pool cover that is sturdy enough to hold up throughout the winter months. You can find a winter pool cover at your local pool supply store. To prevent your cover from sagging in the center, use an inflatable pillow, which can also be found at your local pool supply store. Use wire to hold the cover in place. You can also use clips to hold the cover in place. Leave a small opening so you can add chlorine to your pool. Adding chlorine to the pool will help keep your pool crystal clean all winter long. When covering your pool, you'll need some help with this task. You'll need a few helping hands to hold the cover in place while someone else clips it in or runs the wire through the cover.

Closing your pool for the season can be a very big maintenance job. If you don't think you're up for the task, hire a professional pool servicing company for help with this task.