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Hello, my name is Mia. Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of having my own pool. When I finally purchased a home with some land, I immediately started planning out the size and location of my pool. I wanted to create an outdoor oasis for my family to enjoy together. As my swimming pool plans grew far out of proportion, I elected to hire a pool contractor to bring them back to reality. I want to use this site to talk about the process of creating my swimming pool and others like it. I invite you to visit often.

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Repair A Wrought Iron Patio Table That Has A Chipped Frame And Rusted Surface

Sunlight and moisture can diminish the beauty of wrought iron furniture and cause its surface to rust. If you own a wrought iron patio table that has a chipped frame and several rust spots on its surface, sand the frame and add a coat of rust-resistant primer and paint over it to protect it from additional damage.

Materials Needed

  • steel wool pad
  • hand sander
  • low and high grit sandpaper
  • emery cloth
  • mild detergent
  • small bucket
  • sponge
  • water hose
  • painter's tape
  • vinyl tarp
  • rust-resistant spray primer (for exteriors)
  • rust-resistant spray paint (for exteriors)

Sand And Clean The Table's Frame

Move a steel wool pad or hand sander firmly back and forth over the chipped surface and any rust spots. If using a sander, begin with a piece of sandpaper that has a course grit to remove the bulk of the damage. Once the table's frame has a surface that feels smooth to your touch, lightly treat the same areas with a piece of fine grit sandpaper. Use an emery cloth to sand uneven surfaces. Clean the tables's frame with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the frame with a water hose and wait for the wrought iron to dry.

Apply A Coat Of Primer And Paint

Attach strips of painter's tape to any parts of the wrought iron table that you do not want to be at risk of being covered by primer or paint. Place the table on a vinyl tarp so that primer does not drip onto the ground. Apply a coat of rust-resistant spray primer as evenly as possible to the wrought iron. Wait for the primed surface to dry. Apply a coat of rust-resistant spray paint over the primer. If you can see primer showing through the paint after it dries, add a second coat of paint. Remove the painter's tape from the table's surface once the paint has dried.

Maintain The Table

The rust-resistant primer and paint will help protect the table from becoming damaged when it is exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. However, it is still important to take preventative measures to eliminate the risk of damage altogether. Clean the table's surface off occasionally with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the soapy water with plain water and dry the wrought iron with a towel. Cover the table when it is not being used.

Caring for the table on a regular basis will ensure that it remains damage-free. If the paint or primer shows signs of wear in the future, add a coat of each one to the table's frame so that the wrought iron remains protected. For more information, contact suppliers like Eastgate Pools.